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SCCM 2007 – Software Update Notification icon doesn’t display when you remote desktop to a server

Posted by Matthew on November 12, 2010

Had a strange little Quirk with SCCM today that after a little bit of searching I found the answer for..

Scenario – Windows 2003 servers with optional (not scheduled / mandatory) software update deployments targeted at them.  When logging into the system using RDP the “Availible Software Updates” notification was not displaying, even though checking the Logs and reports in the SCCM console showed that the box was aware it had updates approved that it required.

It seems after examining the various logs on the client that the Config manager agent was not treating the system as having anyone logged into it (not entries for my logon in execmgr).  As the deployment isn’t mandatory it can only be triggered when a user is logged on, and as such the notification wasn’t being shown.  I suspect this is Server 2003 behaviour as i’ve logged onto 2008 boxes using RDP several times and seen the icon displayed perfectly fine.

I logged onto the server using the /admin session and lo and behold, up popped the notification, and I could see the following entries in execmgr

A User has Logged on

The logged on user is Domain.Name\mlong

So if you encounter this as well, either log onto the machine locally (or if its a VM through it’s hypervisor manager, vSphere / HyperV etc) or use the following command line..

mstsc /v servername /admin


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