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Courseware : 50507A Designing IT Process Automation with Opalis Integration Server

Posted by Matthew on October 10, 2011

I recently had the fortune to take part in the Microsoft official course 50507A – Designing IT Process Automation with Opalis Integration Server, and thought I would briefly share my views on the courseware.

For those of you looking for a solid introduction or rounding out of your Opalis knowledge/skills, this is a very good, hands on course.  The ratio of time spent in hands on labs to lecture/discussion is almost 2:1, so for those of you who like getting your hands on the product and learning for yourself, this is a great course.

Many of the powerful foundation objects are covered, with practical examples of the application of each.  The courseware also covers integrating with the entire system center suite, though labs neglect SCCM and SCDPM unless you/the instructor choose to set a challenge lab.  Also discussed (though not to a huge depth, given the courseware requirements and general accessibility) is the production of one’s own Integration Packs using the Quick Integration Kit, including a lab on the QIK CLI.

Finally, for those of you considering Orchestrator this course is completely applicable – all of the knowledge transfers directly across with only a few modifications (namely terminology, system requirements, and the Operations Console, the latter of which is only discussed but not featured in the courseware/labs).  A good instructor will point out these where appropriate so that you are ready to go when Orchestrator goes RTM (currently Orchestrator 2012 is in public beta).

In closing, this is one of the higher rated MOC in recent times, and it’s clear to see why.  I wouldn’t recommend taking every MOC, but I’d definitely recommend this one.

Course 50507A: Designing IT Process Automation with Opalis Integration Server


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