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About Me


Name : Matthew Long
Education : Computer Science Bsc at Reading University
Technical Interests : System Center Operations manager, PowerShell, Automation, Web technologies, Enterprise Monitoring


I’m based in the south of England, United Kingdom.  I’m a Senior Developer with Squared Up, who make Systems Center Operations Manager awesome by providing a modern, fast, intuitive UI that sits on top of your existing environment.  I have a love/hate relationship with coding and development.  Most jibes directed at me often revolve around my choice in hairstyle.


Computer Science, Reading (the place), Android: Netrunner, Video and Tabletop games, Reading (the activity), Programming, Live-Action Roleplay, Alternative Music, Cycling, Swimming, Beagles, Social trends related to technological usage, Sarcasm

Further Profiles

For further profiles about me, please see my Technet Profile, my LinkedIn Profille, or contact me via Twitter on @MatthewLongUK