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A limitation or an upgrade incentive..

Posted by Matthew on December 26, 2008

I’ve been reading about the CTP3 features of Microsoft’s Windows Powershell V2, and one of the features that MS have been touting for a while now is remote execution and result shipping of Powershell commands.  Now, frankly this is something that i’ve wanted to see since V1 after typing in “get-excommand” into a Exchange 2007 box and knowing that those 50+ cmdlets were beyond my reach unless I logged onto the Exchange or installed the x86 trial of the management tools.

Anyway, it wasn’t quite there in V2, and now they seem to be making serious headway with the idea… except that you can only execute remote commands on Windows Vista SP1 and Windows Server 2008 boxes.  Although the intention seems to be to provide functionality for XP and Server 2003 with the full release, I have the sinking feeling that it’ll be put into perpetual delay as a nice way to sell new liscences.  Which is daft, because the benfits of Server 2008 don’t need this, and as for Vista, well no amount of Powershell is going to convince most ‘orgs to switch their desktop OS.

Hopefully i’ll be proven wrong.  I’ll post my thoughts on CTP3 further once i’ve had a chance to play with it directly, as i plan to create some virtual images running both Vista and W2k8 and and give it all a whirl.


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